The beautiful Verona,
the fascinating Veneto

The destiny of a territory lies in the strength of its identity. Verona and Veneto in general identify with their beauty.

The aesthetics
of know-how

Where creativity and and design competencies are expressed and coexist through an impeccable manual skill that finds its roots in our unique medieval and Renaissance culture.

The Beauty
of know-how to live

The true pleasure of be surrounded by small and big things that every day make our life more beautiful. The inclination of cultivating empathetic relationships as invincible weapon of seduction.

Beauty knows how satisfy the soul through the senses and it becomes an object that is worthy of contemplation. In our territory beauty manifests itself through history, culture, territory, but it identifies also in the quality of products, in the artisanal creativity and in the excellence of craftsmanship.
Beauty is good taste and balance.



The desire and the instinct to demonstrate
genius and initiative.
Beauty is the natural predisposition to express our own
passion and it identifies in the constant creation
of “beauty” that realizes in music, theatre or craftsmanship.



Beauty can be found in the awareness of our roots and it expresses itself with the marvellous testimonies of our ancient and rich history. Beauty can be seen in the monuments, the streets and the places that become speakers of a glorious past.



Beauty is the richness of naturalistic landscapes that surround the city. It is the morphologic variety of its territories, from Lake Garda to Valpolicella and Monti Lessini, through countless nature reserves, parks and gardens that embellish Verona also in the less centre zones of the city.



Beauty is a compund of memories and teachings transmitted from generation to generation. Myths, symbols, typical dishes, shows, performances, costumes and tastes passed down through the centuries are fundamental to the maintenance of the identity of Veneto.
We are "bearers of beauty" and the challenge of Verona Vale is to explain to the whole world the extraordinary beauty of the products of our city, its streets, its people, its works, its daily lifestyle. Our bet is to offer our guests a beautiful place not only to see but also to live.
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