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Verona and province

The culture of "beauty"comes
from the passion for
unique territory



It welcomes you with its beauty that has fascinated artists and travelers for centuries. Shakespeare chooses Verona to set the most romantic story of all time: Romeo and Juliet.
It is not only one of the most beautiful cities in Italy but has a rich historical, naturalistic and cultural heritage.


Thanks to its favorable geographical position, Verona has been inhabited since the prehistoric era, when the Adige crossed the route of salt and amber that connected the Adriatic to Germany. The city is then remembered as an important Roman colony, of which numerous testimonies remain in the current historic center. But it is under the Lordship of the Scaligeri that Verona acquires the magnificent face that we still admire today.

Art and Architecture

UNESCO World Heritage, Verona integrates all the artistic elements of the different periods that followed one another, from the Roman to the Medieval period up to the time of the Venetian Republic. Excellent example of a fortified city, the Venetian walls were strengthened during the Austrian domination, a period during which numerous military structures were built today destined for another use.



From Lake Garda to the Regional Natural Park of Lessinia,
Verona shines with the priceless artistic
and natural treasures that we find in the province.