Verona Vale and Cenacolo Veronese united for the cultural promotion of Verona

Verona Vale creative cultural enterprise and Cenacolo Veronese cultural association join forces for the promotion of Verona and its beautiful territory.Not only the city therefore, with its history, its vast cultural offer, its typical and incomparable “lifestyle” that makes it unique in the whole world.The two companies will work together to offer the visitor, the resident and the Veronese who lives in the area a series of innovative and highly experiential cultural proposals.Verona Vale and Cenacolo Veronese join forces to finally pass from the “city of lovers” … to the “lovers of the city”! To present your business, contact us at

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Traveling in search of beauty

In short, being surrounded by beauty is good for you. First of all to the spirit. And never how to travel – the greatest opportunity to know the wonder that surrounds us – is able to fulfill this purpose.

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A long weekend in Verona… The great buffet of beauty!

You can really do that in Verona…. Point the finger and go!
Let’s start from Piazza San Zeno, for example, in the heart of Verona, the city of bomboniera and bel canto.
A bit Roman (ancient) and a bit medieval (Scaligera), a bit “meneghina” (Visconti) and a lot “serenissima” (Venetian), it is the right place to savor in one “glance” an entire rich territory.

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