In the Eastern part of the province, we find Soave with its wonderful castle that overlooks the town. Here, the visitor can see the Palace of the San Bonifacio family, the 14th century Palazzo Cavalli in Venetian Gothic style, the curch of San Lorenzo, Palazzo di Giustizia and palazzo Scaligero. The latter can be reached walking through a short pedestrian lane from the center or driving on away along the Rocca hill. The town is devoted to the production of white wine: its castle, churches, bell towers, and villas are all surrounded by vineyards. Tramigna, a stream that also flows through Soave, goes towards Colognola ai Colli, a center founded by the Romans among green hills. Not far from there, there are the antique Roman spa of Juno in Caldiero and the Illasi valley with its olive groves, vineyards and cherry trees.

Le aziende del territorio