La montagna

The mountain area of Verona is a temperate zone between the Po Valley and the Alpine area.
The slope of the mountain ridges, the high percentage of rainfall of the high Lessinia, the karst dryness of its limestone rocks and the agricultural view have shaped the natural variety of its environment.

Lessinia is located in the northern area of the province and its peculiar natural, historic, environmental and ethnic characteristics have brought to the institution of the Nature Park of Lessinia.

The famous “Pietre della Lessinia”, extracted from some quarries in the open sky, are sedimentary and volcanic stones that formed about 200 million years ago and together with the fossil fishes of Bolca are a peculiarity of this zone.

It is also very important to recall the “Cascate di Molina Park”, a naturalist oasis with rare botanic species.
The typical product of the mountain area of Verona is the “Monte Veronese D.O.P.” cheese, produced according to an antique cimbra tradition.

Le aziende del territorio