La pianura

The province of Verona is found in the Po Valley and it offers a typical landscape dominated by the large cultivation of cereals and rice, thanks to the great quantity of water provided by the river Adige and by other minor rivers. In autumn, the fog and the mist cover the Veronese Plain creating a melancholic atmosphere.
The rice variety grown here is “Veronese Vialone Nano, the only one in Italy recognized as PGI. The rice trade of Isola della Scala maintains and values the ancient origins of these cultivations.

The different landscapes of this zone enclose historic testimonies of enormous value and recall the primal relationship between man and land: from the “Pievi Romaniche” of Belfiore, Isola della Scala, Erbè, Cerea, and Gazzo, to the Scaliger’s fortifications of Valeggio sul Mincio and Villafranca.

In the Southern area of the province, craftsmanship is specialized in the production of furniture which started in the 1920’s thanks to Bovolone school of cabinet making.

Le aziende del territorio